31 March 2011


Sooo.... That messed up palm tree in the background was me. Yup, all me.

My brother is an evil mastermind!

Here he is, in one of his especially belligerent moods (left),
and trying to buy something on eBay (right).

30 March 2011

Squirrel harrassment

My life has gotten much more interesting since the Squirrel arrived. Be careful what you wish for!

One of my favourite things

I'm an active cat. And I don't mean only that I run around the apartment. I need intellectual stimulation. Luckily, our owners watch a lot of froufrou documentaries. Here I am watching one on my favourite subject: birds. Also, it's in French.

29 March 2011

Dirge for a Depressed Cat

This is a video of me that someone took when I was only a few months old. It's hard being an only cat in an apartment the size of a shoebox!

Hullo world!

This is our first blog post of our daily adventures. My name is Chicken and here is my little brother Squirrel. Our human parents have other names for us, but these are our codenames for our special adventures. Let the mayhem begin!

Chicken (left) and Squirrel (right), enjoying the sun  on a summer's day

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