29 April 2011

A very young Chicken naps on the keyboard

Yep. We're down with technology.

Geeken and SquirrURL.

This is me, about 3 months old, dreaming of green pastures and field
mice, after a hard day of surfing the interwebs.

28 April 2011

The Spicy Chicken

Yes, I was depressed. But not anymore. I can spar with the best of them!

26 April 2011

The long arm of the law

Me dangling some bait in the hopes of catching a Squirrel.

Check out the new GALLERY page. Link HERE, and at the top of the page!

25 April 2011

My brother is crrrazzzeee....

Squirrel loco

24 April 2011

Bookish cat

I'm no ordinary cat. I'm suave. I'm educated. I like to hang out with books.

23 April 2011

Morning washroom terror....

21 April 2011

Them there eyes

I complain about him a lot, I know. But one look in those owl-eyes...

19 April 2011

A tough day on the stock market - the Squirrel bets his kibble money on a hot tip

BUY BUY buy BUY buy BUYbuybuy BUY!!!!!!!!!
WHA...?!!?!? U.S. debt has been downgraded? I'm so scr.... 

18 April 2011

Must keep an eye on those birds...

There's a colony of pigeons that lives on the roof of the building next door. They're always huddling together around the roof vents. I'm not paranoid, but I think they're up to something.


17 April 2011

Cowboys herding cats

I chose a hilarious video for this Sunday's post, one of my favourites.

16 April 2011

Back in the days when the Squirrel was still small...

Baby Squirrel.

15 April 2011

My fearsome little brother


14 April 2011

Sometimes all a cat needs is a good scratch on the nose.

13 April 2011

Not feeling so good...

My sick self.

I've been sick for the last few weeks. It's been horrid. I've been hacking like a chronic smoker, sneezing like crazy and going anorexic. The doctor says I have feline herpes. Yep. Feline herpes. I must have got it back in my days at the old house on Bathurst Street. What happened on Bathurst Street apparently did not stay on Bathurst Street.

But anyways, they say up to 90% of cats in North America have it, so I don't feel so bad. I have relapses every now and then, usually due to stress. My doctor says I should eat this yellow gel every day, but honestly it looks like snot and not all that yummy. Luckily I found these treats, which I love. You can get them at the vet's but they seem to be cheaper here -->

12 April 2011

So I like to sleep in plastic tote boxes, so what?

Oh the embarrassment...

11 April 2011

Archie strikes back!


10 April 2011

The paparazzi get a reaction...

07 April 2011

A self-portrait.

A self-portrait. Aren't I handsome?

06 April 2011

Cat bites first, asks questions later.

01 April 2011

My piano has been drinking.

When the world gets me down I put on my favourite Billie Holiday CD and pour myself a glass of Nederburg Cab Sav...

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