31 May 2011

Squirrel Impostor caught in the wild

Woah! So we were away for a while, which is why I haven't been updating our blog. We took a weekend off in Algonquin Park, where we came across an impostor! At least the Squirrel insists it's an impostor.

26 May 2011

Why yes, sometimes we do get along just great.

25 May 2011

Crrazeee Cat - Squirrel Loco Pt II [video]

My brother really is CRRRAZEEEEE! If you didn't believe me when I told you about him here, and here, check out this video:

23 May 2011

It's what? National Vegetarian Week? Not tofurkibbles again...

The Chicken's vegetable-induced depressive episode

20 May 2011

Doomsday Cat foretells judgement day!

Something I found on the interwebs:

19 May 2011

Begone! Before someone drops a house on you too!

The Chicken re-enacts a scene from the Wizard of Oz.

 It must be under here somewhere...

18 May 2011

Canine espionage (I'm not paranoid if they really are out to get me)

An old favourite of mine:

17 May 2011

Catspeak II, or, The Murgler Strikes Back [video]

15 May 2011

My arch nemesis... (or cat paranoia)

Me in my favourite hideout at about two months old (and yes, that is a Clevercat Litterbox which I never used but loved to sleep in)...

14 May 2011

Cats vs. Dogs (we know who wins)

I stumbled on this infographic while surfing the interwebs last night. I hope you'll agree it shows us cats are far superior to dogs! Click the image to see the full infographic.

13 May 2011

Cat contortions aka "The Rubber Chicken" [video]

Twisted catnaps! (This is a re-post due to the Blogger outage today: they lost my post!!)

11 May 2011

Childhood spazz moments

My tongue used to stick out. Randomly. I think my face was too small for it!

10 May 2011

The Chicken at two months

Today I'm posting two pictures of me as a little kitten when I was about two months old. Actually this was my first day at my new house!

07 May 2011

Fast asleep on my father's chest

05 May 2011

My feline personality according to PetFinder

Lies, lies and more lies. According to this post in PetFinder, I'm lazy, very quiet and lacking in the brains department. But not only do I enjoy watching documentaries, which I think shows how clever I am, I also speak my mind. Loudly. And often.

Here is more of the propaganda piece from PetFinder:

"Some folks who don't appreciate that laid-back, mellow personality label Persians and their relatives 'furniture with fur', but in truth Exotics are playful and enjoy a good game of catching the catnip mouse between bouts of catching a few ZZZs. Because of the American Shorthair influence, Exotics are reported to be livelier than Persians, although some breeders say that the two breeds are very similar in temperament.
Undoubtedly, the Exotic personality is, if not identical, very much like the Persian's, quiet, loyal, sweet, and affectionate. They want to be involved in their favorite humans' lives and will quietly follow them from room to room just to see what they are doing. They also enjoy hugs and cuddles, and lavish their humans with purrs and licks of affection until the thick coat drives them away to lounge on cool kitchen linoleum or cold fireplace bricks. Fanciers point out that because of the short coat, they can spend more time playing with their Exotics than grooming them."

04 May 2011


Happy Star Wars Day!

Do, or do not.... There is no try.

03 May 2011

Oh Canada... !$%?!#%?!

The Squirrel broods on the thought of the next four years
under a majority Tory government.

01 May 2011

Catspeak. Or the meow-gurgle. The murgle.

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